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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Ghost of Parks Future: Transmitter Park

We talk all the time about the past on this blog, but for a minute let's think about the future. In the future, there will be a park on the waterfront in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, called Transmitter Park, named after the former WNYC radio transmitter station. Presumably this is the old radio broadcasting building, under the tarp—slated, according to one source, to become a café:

It's interesting to see what Google Maps are hip to and what they're not. Transmitter Park already exists, according to Google. But on the ground, right now it's just a dig, scheduled for completion in late 2011. There'll be a pier for fishing, an esplanade, and, according to the NYC Economic Development Corporation, "the former relieving platform is being replaced with a natural wetland shoreline." That's what I love about the big city—you can replace an industrial structure with something "natural," and do it with a straight face, and be absolutely delighted about it.

The Greenpoint-based blog New York Shitty has more. Until the park is open, enjoy these Munchkin-blue buildings (for boats? anyone know?) on Kent Street. The park site is behind the fence past the buildings.

As a bonus, enjoy this security company logo. Look at that futurey/deco-y skyline artwork. A doff of the hat to the unknown artist.

And a nod to Google Maps, without which I would never have wandered down Kent St. to explore the time-warp mystery of Transmitter Park.

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