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Monday, September 20, 2010

Bryant Park

After extensive renovations 20 years ago, the former potter's field once known as Reservoir Park became a crazily successful hub for social activity, which it remains today. Bryant Park's own website has a good quick history along with abundant information about what's going on there—which is an awful lot—eating, drinking, ice skating, sitting, going on a carousel…even playing pétanque. Concerts, movies, you name it. Right in midtown, behind the Public LIbrary, with a south view of the Empire State Building, it doesn't get much more central than this.

Last winter we sat under a heat lamp at the outdoor Southwest Porch bar and were went home with free Slankets. (They're like Snuggies except better quality.) Woo-hoo!


The one thing that didn't go on in Bryant Park this year was Fashion Week, which moved uptown to Lincoln Center. A good thing, too. Fashion Week ruins the park for everyone else.

Bryant Park Grill, just before the dinner rush

The lawn on a quiet late afternoon

An after-work crowd relaxes

City street scene: man dressed like monk just outside Bryant Park takes picture of skyline

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