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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Orchard Alley Community Garden

Here's another exception to my rule about skipping community gardens. Do I need to change the rule? Self-imposed rules are always mutable I guess.

Like the nearby Parque de Tranquilidad, the Orchard Alley Community Garden is worth a stop when on a wander through the East Village.

The name isn't fanciful – the piece of fruit lovingly pictured below (it looks like an actual apple) actually suggests actual orchard action.

The Internet doesn't have a lot of information about this place, but here's a little background from New York Cares. The Garden has been discovered by the folks at Make Music New York among others. But it's nice to stumble in when there's no one else around. This path looks inviting:

And while there's nothing especially remarkable about this tree, sometimes it's nice to just appreciate the appearance of trees and plants against the geometry of a building. To a parks blogger like yours truly, nothing says "New York City" quite like a view like this:

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